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Commercial Smoker



100% tasty, tender, sealed & juicy

The ROYAL PRO pellet smoker is the best option if you wish to smoke food through a healthy, efficient and safer way.

Stand out from the competition offering smoked food on your menu

Reduces costs thanks to energy, time and personnel savings

Low temperature cooking with the Low & Slow technique

Multiply your kitchen production capacity

Optimize your time to increase the quality of your work

Why Boneless Grills is your best option


All experts agree that cooking with natural wood is much better and healthier than cooking with charcoal or gas.


Cooking at the same temperature constantly will guarantee you to repeat the same results in your cooking.


Designed to have a large cooking surface of 2.50m2. Simultaneously cooks foods with different finishes without supervision.

How does a pellet oven work?

A digital controller manages the internal temperature by controlling the supply of fuel and oxygen to the combustion chamber.

A motor turns an auger which feeds pellets into a firebox.

In the combustion chamber, thanks to an electrical resistance, the combustion of the pellets begins.

A variable speed adjustable fan, a motor that manages the supply of pellets and a PID that governs the operation of both, allow the oven and food to be kept at the temperature selected by the user.

At Boneless Grills we want your oven to be your ally to ensure fast, safe and automated cooking that guarantees your success

The real Commercial Pellet Smoker

Touch screen

7 ” color touch screen for easy access to system functions to monitor oven status and food temperatures.

Smoke Modes

The system has two modes to regulate the intensity of smoking, to provide a greater or lesser intensity of smoking to the flavor of the food cooked in it.

Meat Probes

Incorporates 5 meat probes. The smoker will notify you when the food reaches the desired cooking point.

Scroll wheels

Move the oven where you want it.

Liquid Trays

Fill the liquid tray with water, liquor or spices to hydrate food and add more flavor.

Removable Firepot

Removable firepot for easy, fast and safe emptying before each service.


Innovation in Commercial Smokers

Royal Pro Smart Smoker, is an automatic pellet oven and indirect cooking smoker, designed to have a large cooking surface of 2.50m2, it is a combination of the latest technology and the traditional flavor of a longtime smoker.

Estamos creando tendencia: “El Smoking Food está de moda”


Prueba el auténtico sabor de la madera natural

Cocinar con pellets proporciona un sabor a los alimentos completamente distinto al que puedes conseguir cocinando con equipos de gas o de carbón.

Pellets probados y recomendados por chefs de Texas

En función del alimento que vayas a cocinar, tienes la posibilidad de utilizar pellets entre las diferentes maderas naturales como son: el roble, el manzano, cerezo, sarmiento.

Bajo nivel de cenizas para facilitar la limpieza

Commercial Smoker Boneless Grills


It works with 100% natural wood pellets, choose between the different types of noble wood: walnut, oak, cherry, pecan, shoot, apple to cook and achieve a unique and unmatched flavor in your dishes.

Product Features and Specifications


Dimensions: 855 mm (width) x 1750 mm (height) x 620mm (length)
Temperature range:  80-200ºC
Cooking chamber volume: 328L
Cooking usage area:  2,5 m2
Empty weight:  220 Kg
Pellet tank capacity:  36 Kg
Approximate fuel consumption:600 gr of pellets per hour @ 120 ºC
Equipment included:8 removable & sliding stainless steel racks, 5 food probes, scroll wheels, removable 3.8L liquid (hydration) tray, grease reservoir.
Building:Housing and cooking chamber made of 304 stainless steel plate. 316L stainless steel grills.
Electric tension:220-230v AC 50Hz 1,8A
Power: 400W (during startup) / 100W (while operating)
Warranty: Boneless Grills products are covered by a two-year limited warranty.


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