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In Boneless Grills we believe in smart kitchens therefore we design and create innovative solutions for them.


To contribute in the evolution of the market of grills, to preserve the result of traditions, contributing and developing new technologies, automatic systems of cooking, ecological fuel, free time, to create the grill that everyone wishes to have.


We see ourselves tasting the perfect barbecue from our grills, sharing the results with anyone who likes a classic. We achieve it with determination, balance and experience, we look for excellence in the final result.

We are experts in solutions for gas, charcoal and pellets


Barbecues and gas kitchens

Temperature control by one or more automatic gas valves


Barbecues and charcoal kitchens

Temperature control by variation of the air supply to the equipment


Barbecues and pellets kitchen

Temperature control by the contributions of air and fuel variation


Cook with pellets

We Love Smoking Low and Slow

Boneless Grills invests in healthy kitchens by using organic biomass such as the food pellet. It’s important to differentiate between industrial pellet used for heating and food pellet used for cooking.

Cooking with pellets provides a unique flavor to the food. This flavor is so special that differentiates itself from fuels like gas or charcoal.

Depending on what you are going to cook, you can use different types of noble woods like oak, apple tree, cherry and wood vine. 

Cooking with pellets can bring an intense and unique flavor to the food. Pellets produce very little ash therefore you can easily clean your barbecue.

Pellet Smoker Oven

Low & Slow cruise control for Hotels, Restaurants and Catering

When you cook at low temperatures and smoke the food with natural pellets, you achieve a unique flavor that can’t be compared with any professional kitchen

Cocción Indirecta

La cocción indirecta utilizada en el ahumador Royal Pro permite que los alimentos nunca estén en contacto directo con la fuente de calor. Los alimentos se cocinan de forma homogénea y nunca queda una zona menos hecha que otra.

Pellets madera natural

El olor de la madera natural se impregna en los alimentos durante la cocción, para añadirles un sabor ahumado muy sabroso.

Alimentos ahumados

Incluye en tu cocina nuestro Horno de Cocción Indirecta Royal Pro y comienza a cocinar los mejores Ribs, Brisket, Pulled Pork, Pescados y Verduras.

Grill Assistance, we are experts in BBQing and GRILLing

Expert Team

Our goal is to improve the lives of people that cook.

Customized solutions

We transform slow actions in automatic and safe processes.

Disruptive culture

We love to innovate and automatize expensive processes.

Continuous improvement

We love the world of barbecues therefore we work to improve it.

Cloud Computing

Control and customize your oven or barbecue from your smart phone.


Support, counseling and problem resolution.

Investigation, development and Innovation

The observation is the foundation of innovation

High capacity for innovate

Boneless Grills has more than 5 years innovating in combustion processes for barbecues, charcoal, gas and pellets ovens.

We have solutions integral and modular solutions suitable for any barbecue and industrial oven in the market.
We work with charcoal and pellets barbecue manufacturers in projects to integrate our technical solutions in their equipment.

Boneless Grills works continuously to evolve its range of electronic systems for gas systems, independent kitchens and industrial ovens in order to provide safety, ease of use and high efficiency.

Control and set up your barbecue/oven from your smart phone or tablet


7’’ color touch screen for easy access to system functions.

System monitoring: temperatures, timers. Receive alerts to notify you that the food is ready to serve.

Configuration of food probes and Recipes function.

We turn your mobile phone into a remote control to control the food that is cooked in your barbecue.

Pantalla táctil + App Control Remoto

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